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Nursing home staffing levels are an important factor in quality of care. Some of the most common indicators of nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect include pressure sores (bedsores, decubiti), medication errors, falls and fractures, infections, malnutrition and dehydration, unexplained bruises or cuts, choking incidents, and significant weight loss or gain.

Abuse can include physical abuse involving the use of force against a patient that may result in pain, impairment or even death. It can also include emotional abuse, such as verbal abuse or passive behaviors that leave patients in states of pain, distress, anxiety or fear. It can also involve the financial exploitation of a patient by a caregiver.

Family members often place their trust and confidence in a nursing home to care for an elderly relative. All too often, nursing homes place their drive for profits above the needs and rights of residents. Our elderly are entitled to a dignified existence. When a loved one is placed in a nursing home, he or she should expect the degree of care that is appropriate for the well-being and dignity of the resident. When a family member is mistreated, you should immediately seek the advice of an attorney.

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