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4 Mistakes That Will Cause You to Lose Workers’ Compensation as a Work Accident Victim

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In workplace accident cases, as a victim, you have the right to receive a number of benefits that can help you minimize the impact of your injuries and recover in the shortest amount of time possible, such as workers’ compensation. However, there are also certain steps that are important to follow to ensure your access to those benefits. Failure to comply with any of these steps can be a fatal mistake.

Our attorneys at Nonna Shikh Law know how difficult it can be to go through these types of cases without legal representation, especially when you are unaware of your rights under the law. That is why we are ready to stand by you every step of the way and defend your position as a victim so that you can receive the full benefits you deserve.

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What are the mistakes you should avoid when suffering a workplace accident?

As a New York workplace accident victim, there are certain mistakes that can hurt you when claiming the benefits you are entitled to by law, so it is important to make sure you avoid them at all costs.

The 4 mistakes you should avoid in order to receive workers’ compensation for work-related accidents are:

  1. Not reporting the accident.
  2. Failure to seek medical assistance.
  3. Failure to collect evidence of the case.
  4. Not acting legally for fear of retaliation.

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Why do I need employment lawyers when I am injured at work?

In cases of workplace accidents, although you have the right to receive compensation to cover the costs of your injuries, there are certain obstacles that can appear and complicate access to the benefits you deserve, either by your employer or the insurance company.

To avoid these types of setbacks, you should make sure you have the legal support of a good team of employment lawyers, and at Nonna Shikh Law, we are prepared to help you resolve your case in the fairest way possible.

Call us now, or schedule an appointment with our lawyers, who are ready to fight for the fulfillment of your rights as a victim. We will provide you with 100% personalized attention, following the legal path that will lead you to recover millions for your injuries.