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Bronx intersection is hazardous for pedestrians

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The intersection of Olmstead and Seward Avenues in the Bronx is known as being dangerous for pedestrians. This part of New York has long been notorious as an area where a disproportionate number of crashes have occurred, and 2022 is shaping up to be yet another bloody year in this area.

The number of deaths is quickly mounting

Pedestrian accidents in the Castle Hill area of the Bronx are nothing new. However, since January of 2020, the number of crashes recorded has been setting a whole slew of records. There have been at least 33 reported crashes at the intersection. It should be noted that the 43rd Precinct as a whole has seen 4,742 crashes over the same time frame.

An accident at the corner of Olmstead and Seward Avenues has recently made headlines. A driver struck an elderly woman while she was crossing the intersection. She later died of her injuries. The driver was charged with a pair of minor offenses that resulted in mere traffic tickets despite having killed the pedestrian.

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Drivers rarely face serious charges for crashes

A number of high-ranking New York officials, including the mayor, are looking to address these mounting safety concerns. Part of the outcry has been for the relative lack of consequences that drivers in these areas face for striking pedestrians.

In most cases, all a driver has to do is remain on the scene. They must also prove they are not drunk or driving with a suspended license. The mayor has promised reforms in this area. However, at the moment, New York City police officers don’t seem to be writing more tickets than usual.

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