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Bronx residents want more bike lanes

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The residents of Bronx, New York, were polled to determine where their priorities lie in regards to the usage of the streets throughout the city. The majority of voters desired more dedicated bus lanes and protected bike lanes throughout their neighborhoods, even at the cost of losing parking spaces. This may not come as a big surprise to those who know that only 32% of residents actually use a car to get around town.

A closer look at bike lanes

Bicycle accidents have been on the rise over recent years. While many sections of New York City have enjoyed the convenience of pop-up bike lanes, the Bronx hasn’t been that lucky. Currently, only 3% of protected bike lanes throughout New York City are within the Bronx. In contrast, 50% of the city’s overall bike lanes are located in Manhattan.

Bronx residents want this to change. 68% of voters have given their support to adding more protected bike lanes throughout the city. 56% of voters believe that bike share stations are an imperative part of the city’s infrastructure.

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58% of voters opted for having more dedicated bus lanes throughout their neighborhoods. These lanes are to be specifically designed for city bus travel only. These voters support more dedicated bus lanes knowing that they will have to give up some of the city parking space to accommodate the expansion. It was noted that 66% of voters who were below the income threshold of $50,000 strongly supported the construction of more dedicated bus lanes.

Each year city officials do their best to determine what the wishes of their city residents are. When it comes to the Bronx, residents are calling for more dedicated bus lanes and protected bike lanes. Only time will tell if their wishes are granted.

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