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Bike Accidents

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Queens lawmaker wants to allow bicyclists on MTA bridges

Residents of New York City, including Queens and the Bronx, will want to be aware of a new bill that has been introduced that will expand access to MTA stations and bridges to pedestrians and bicyclists. At present, they are not allowed. According to news reports, Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas has introduced legislation to work with MTA in establishing safe bike lanes on MTA bridges and stations.
MTA should consider bicycles and pedestrians
The proposal requires that the MTA consider and prioritize bicycle and pedestrian access when planning projects. These sustainable means of transportation have been overlooked, but they are seen to be…

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Staying safe and avoiding dooring while cycling in the city

Bustling cities in New York often mean crowded roadways and traffic jams. One way that many commuters avoid being stuck in traffic is by biking. Though protected bike paths can make commuting safer, there are still precautions that cyclists need to take. One of these is avoiding dooring.
What is dooring?
Dooring occurs when an occupant of a vehicle opens its door in front of the path of a cyclist. It’s a common cause of serious injuries. Both vehicle occupants and cyclists are responsible to prevent these types of bicycle accidents from occurring.
How to avoid dooring while riding in the city
A cyclist…

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New York proves dangerous to bicyclists

Bicycle riding remains a preferred way to get around New York’s metropolitan areas. While the monetary costs may be less expensive than driving a car, riding a bicycle around New York comes with risks. Data shows that bicyclists suffer more crashes now than in previous years, and driver negligence is often the reason.
Sobering facts about bicycle accidents
2019 saw the tragic consequences of bicycle accidents, as 27 people lost their lives after colliding with vehicles. That number reflects 17 more deaths than what occurred in 2018. Little indicates that New York City is now entirely safe for bicyclists since many dangers…

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Tragic bicycle accident stats

Bicyclists may improve their health and fitness by cycling for leisure or reducing commuting costs. A drawback to bicycling in New York would be the inherent danger. Bicyclists can’t rely on an automobile’s frame for protection, so they remain exceptionally vulnerable if a car or larger vehicle strikes them. Bicyclists might benefit from being extra cautious on their travels, but even defensive bicycling skills have their limits.
Bicyclist dangers and risks
A quick review of bicycle accident figures could shock those who don’t realize cyclists’ dangers. In 2011, 873 died in bicycle/vehicle accidents, which rose to 1,260 in 2020. Nonfatal accident figures…

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New York hopes infrastructure funds make bicyclists safer

Bicycling could be a means for someone to improve cardiovascular conditioning while getting from place to place. Unfortunately, commuting on a bicycle in New York also presents dangers to someone’s health and well-being since there’s such a great risk for accidents. Even when cyclists and drivers do their best to be careful, motor vehicle accidents happen. Officials in New York state hope that coming federal funds will lead to better infrastructure and fewer chances of accidents.
Significant money for bike infrastructure may help
The amount of money the state will receive for bike infrastructure is significant, topping $289 million. The funds derive…

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Ways bicyclists can mitigate their risk of getting hit by a car

New York bicyclists know that getting behind those handlebars puts them at risk for being involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. Due to the size of a bicycle and its design, the rider is more likely to suffer severe injury than the motor vehicle driver. For this reason, it’s vital for you as a bicycle rider to mitigate your risk of being involved in an accident with a motor vehicle.
Get a headlight
One of the most dangerous actions you can take as a bicycle rider is to ride your bicycle at night. Without a headlight, it’s very hard for…

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Walkability scores don’t really measure pedestrian-friendliness

Residents of New York may want to learn more about what walkability scores really mean and how they affect pedestrian safety and other factors. These scores are mainly based on what destinations surround a neighborhood rather than on how safe and comfortable they are for pedestrians.

Studies done by the Urban Institute of neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., show another need: consideration of who is actually walking. Pedestrian crash ratings are not examined nor is how long it takes to cross the road. There are other things to consider when forming these scores.
Enjoyable walking on these streets
The question of whether people enjoy…

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New York governor signs MTA bike access legislation into law

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a bill into law on Dec. 28 that is designed to promote cycling in New York City and make it easier for pedestrians to use bridges operated by the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Senate Bill S4943B was passed unanimously by the Assembly and Senate in June, but it only reached the governor’s desk after New York City lawmakers made a concerted effort. The bill’s passage was likely expedited by the federal $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which allocates $289 billion to improve cycling infrastructure in the city.
No MTA mandates
The new law stops short of…

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Is the Bronx a dangerous place for bicyclists

Bicyclists remain a common sight in the Bronx, as many people commute to work or run errands on their bikes. Dangers exist when riding around the Bronx since numerous intersections come with hazards. Not all drivers are courteous or even aware of where they are going, making things challenging for New York bicyclists. While cyclists should be cautious at all crossroads, some street corners seem more dangerous than others.
Dangerous intersections in the Bronx
Annual statistics reveal frightening news for anyone bicycling in New York City. Ten bicyclists died in vehicle-related accidents in 2018, and 2019 saw that figure nearly double by…

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What are ways to prevent common bicycle injuries?

New York cyclists should use bike lanes and follow the flow of traffic. Fractures, soft tissue injuries and head injuries often occur after bicycle accidents. The most common injuries appear on the limbs, but the face, head, neck and abdomen often have injuries. Many people have soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal injuries after bicycle accidents, but head injuries are common.
Lower limb injuries
Knees are the most common place to have overuse injuries while riding a bicycle. Quadriceps tendonitis can cause knee pain, which shoe implants or cleat positions can prevent. Foot numbness and tingling after bicycle accidents may be from exertional compartment…

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