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Bike Accidents

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What new initiative focuses on bicycle safety?

Bicyclists find their active hobby does more than provide exercise sessions. Bicycling presents an alternative to short or long-distance vehicle commuting, which could save money. Unfortunately, New York bicyclists may find themselves traveling close to cars, vans, SUVs, and other vehicles capable of causing them injuries. Emphasizing bicycle safety may reduce dangers when possible.
Improving steps for bicycle safety
The Department of Transportation intends to take beneficial steps to help improve bicycle safety in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. Significant upgrades on 20th and 21st Streets hope to create a special “Bike Boulevard” that could reduce potential injuries to bicyclists.

The fundamental…

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What to do after sustaining a head injury in a bicycle accident

New York is one of the most populated places in the nation. While many people prefer to get around New York by driving or taking a taxi, you’ll also see a lot of bicycles on this state’s roads. As is the case with pedestrian drivers, bicyclists also risk being in an accident while on the road. Follow these steps if you suffer a head injury while on your bicycle.
Get a medical evaluation
You likely know to get a medical evaluation after a severe accident occurs. However, in less severe bicycle accidents, someone might think they sustained no injuries when that’s not…

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What you need to know about bicycle accidents and safety

Bicycling is a great way to get around New York City, but it can also be risky. It’s not uncommon to come across bicycle accidents involving motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists. To stay safe while biking, be sure to follow the rules of the road and avoid taking unnecessary risks.
What causes bicycle accidents?
One of the most common causes of bicycle accidents is distracted driving. When motorists are not paying attention to the road, they are more likely to collide with cyclists. Bicycle accidents can also be caused by potholes, debris and other hazards in the road.

Speeding is another major factor…

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Lane-keeping technology can present risks to bicyclists

In recent years, newer vehicles on the streets of New York and elsewhere in the United States have been outfitted with a variety of high-tech safety features. These include lane-keeping technology. As sometimes is the case with new technology, there can be unintended consequences. For example, there is evidence that in certain instances lane-keeping technology can cause or contribute to bicycle accidents.
The risk to bicyclists of lane-keeping technology
Lane-keeping technology is designed to prevent such things as what commonly is referred to as lane drift. This occurs when a driver may be a bit drowsy or distracted and slowly drifts out…

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Why are bicycles classified as vehicles?

A bicycle is not a car, and even the new electric models escape the classification of a motorcycle. So why do bikes fall under the definition of a vehicle? The reason is bicyclists must follow traffic laws. If bicyclists could do whatever they wanted on New York streets, more accidents would likely result. Traffic laws exist for everyone’s safety, and bicycle enthusiasts should follow those rules.
Riding a bike and following traffic laws
Bicycle accidents could happen because a car’s driver commits a gross moving violation. Not all bicycle accidents are a car or truck driver’s fault,, however. A bicyclist that goes…

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Fatal dangers to bicyclists in New York

Riding a bicycle should not come with excessive risks since drivers, pedestrians and bike enthusiasts often practice awareness and safe commuting. Statistics might tell a grimmer reality since fatality figures may be far higher than people realize. Anyone who routinely travels with a bicycle may not wish to close their eyes to these facts. Understanding the dangers associated with New York streets and roads could help everyone reduce risks.
Bicyclist fatalities and issues with U.S. streets
New York City may one day follow Chicago’s lead, as the Windy City committed to 48 miles of bike trails and corridors. Adding bike lanes may…

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Fatal bicycle accidents are on the rise

There are many benefits to bicycle riding in New York City. Cycling can be a fun form of exercise and an inexpensive and convenient form of transportation. However, sharing the road with motor vehicles can also be very dangerous for cyclists.
Fatal bicycle accidents are on the rise
If you take a look at the number of bicycle accidents that have occurred in New York City over the past few years, you’ll see that they are declining. At the same time, however, the number of fatal bicycle accidents is going up. Here are the fatal bicycle accident statistics over the past three…

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Dangerous streets for cyclists

Although New York City is known for mass transit like the subway system, there’s also plenty of automobile traffic on the streets. And sharing the road can be difficult. Many cyclists are hit by drivers and passengers opening doors. Others are struck by the vehicles as they’re travelling. In 2019, over two dozen bicyclists were killed on New York City streets.
A changing trend
Cyclist fatalities in NYC in 2019 and 2020 were well above the 2018 total. This uptick has happened in spite of an increase in the number of bike lanes throughout the city. Bicycle accidents often happen at the…

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Bronx residents want more bike lanes

The residents of Bronx, New York, were polled to determine where their priorities lie in regards to the usage of the streets throughout the city. The majority of voters desired more dedicated bus lanes and protected bike lanes throughout their neighborhoods, even at the cost of losing parking spaces. This may not come as a big surprise to those who know that only 32% of residents actually use a car to get around town.
A closer look at bike lanes
Bicycle accidents have been on the rise over recent years. While many sections of New York City have enjoyed the convenience of…

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Bike lanes may reduce bicycle accidents

Riding a bike provides many benefits to commuters who want alternatives to riding public transportation or driving a car in the Bronx or Queens. Bicycle commuters may save themselves some money while enjoying cardiovascular benefits. They could put themselves at risk for injuries or worse, as a bicyclist may suffer terribly in an accident with a vehicle or truck driver. Hopefully, local municipalities will add bike lanes around the state to improve safety….

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