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How can personal injury lawyers in Queens, NY help me?

When a person is the victim of a personal injury case, it is necessary to have the support of a legal team to clarify the causes of the accident, in order to act immediately and claim the appropriate benefits, including millions of dollars in compensation. In this article, we tell you how our personal injury lawyers at Nonna Law can help you.

Personal injuries can occur in almost any instance and can cause life-threatening injuries to a victim if immediate action is not taken and proper medical attention is not sought for a speedy recovery.

Depending on the type of accident in which…

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Know your rights when you are a victim of slip-and-fall personal injury in NY

Slip-and-fall injuries in New York can be extremely serious, to the point of jeopardizing a victim’s life, especially when vital body parts such as the head or spinal cord are involved. Do you know what your rights are when you suffer a personal injury of this type? In this article, we tell you.

According to figures from the U.S. National Safety Council, slip-and-fall injuries are the cause of at least 9 million emergency room visits a year, many of which require surgery and special care to make a full recovery.

If you have been the victim of a slip-and-fall personal injury case,…

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Why hire personal injury lawyers when you suffer a fall due to black ice?

In wintertime, slip and fall accidents are often very common due to the condition surfaces can be in because of the effects of ice and snow. Do you know how personal injury lawyers can help you when you suffer a fall due to black ice?

Black ice is a dangerous condition that can occur on roads, sidewalks, and other surfaces during the winter. Although the ice is visible, black ice is transparent and almost unnoticeable, which makes it even more dangerous. 

Falls from black ice can result in serious injuries and, in some cases, can even be fatal. For this reason, it…

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5 benefits of working with an accident attorney when involved in pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents in the United States are a serious problem that can have significant consequences for victims and their families. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident in New York, it is essential that you seek the help of a qualified accident attorney to ensure that you receive the attention and compensation you deserve as a victim.

Official New York City figures indicate that in 2020, there were a total of 243 pedestrian fatalities, while in 2021, the number increased to 270.

When you are a victim of this type of accident, the law allows you to take legal action…

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The 3 steps you need to take to obtain personal injury compensation

The 3 steps you need to take to obtain personal injury compensation

Personal injury cases in the United States are often particularly complicated, especially when you do not have enough knowledge about the victim’s rights and the legal processes that must be followed to obtain benefits. Do you know why it is important to have personal injury lawyers in these cases? Here we tell you.

Personal injuries tend to be one of the most common types of accidents in the country. According to figures from the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), at least 1 million emergency room visits are recorded annually in the United States for slip and fall-related personal injury cases.

In the…

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Can I file a claim with labor lawyers if I was injured on the job?

Can I file a claim with labor lawyers if I was injured on the job?

When you are injured at work, as a victim, the law gives you the opportunity to access a series of benefits that will allow you to recover every expense arising from the accident, including medical care and treatment required for your recovery. But what happens if those benefits are denied? Can you file a labor lawsuit to enforce your rights?

Although in most cases, the law prevents workers from filing a labor lawsuit against their employer in exchange for millions of dollars in compensation, sometimes it is possible to take drastic measures when labor rights are violated.

In this article, we tell…

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What is the main step to getting workers’ compensation for work-related accidents?

What is the main step to getting workers' compensation for work-related accidents?

As with any other accident case in the United States, in order to be eligible for the benefits that the law offers you for work-related accidents, it is first important to go through a specific process that will start from the very first moment the accident occurs. This will allow you to opt for millionaire workers’ compensation.

In cases of work accidents, most of the time victims lose the opportunity to receive work compensation due to the lack of knowledge of the process that must be followed after the event, which can be decisive when it comes to accessing benefits such…

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3 Benefits of Working with Personal Injury Attorneys for Slip and Fall Accidents

3 Benefits of Working with Personal Injury Attorneys for Slip and Fall Accidents

Personal injury lawyers can be extremely helpful in responding legally to any case in which significant injuries are sustained due to accidents. Slip and falls, for example, can cause significant damage to a victim who, with the help of lawyers, can claim benefits under the law to vindicate their rights as a victim.

According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, known by the acronym CDC, slip and fall accidents are very common in the United States, to the point of being the cause of approximately one million visits to emergency rooms in the country each year.

In this…

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Why do I need to work with New York City employment lawyers if I have been injured in a New York City workplace accident?

Why do I need to work with New York City employment lawyers if I have been injured in a New York City workplace accident?

When you are injured on the job in New York City, you may have the opportunity to access important benefits under the law. However, without the proper legal support from a team of lawyers, the risk of losing access to those benefits can be very high. But what are those benefits and why are employment lawyers important?

New York is one of the states in the country that is governed by the Workers’ Compensation law, which establishes that every employer must guarantee its workers access to workers’ compensation, which, in the event that they suffer accidents related to their area of…

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Pedestrian deaths spike in early 2022

Pedestrians take risks whenever they are near moving vehicles. Walking along a New York highway near speeding cars isn’t the only way pedestrians find themselves in a potentially hazardous situation. Walking near a parked vehicle could become deadly if the driver pulls away without looking. Tragically, the first quarter of 2022 experienced too many examples of how pedestrians may lose their lives.
The fatal first quarter of 2022
Early 2022 proved to be a tragic month for many pedestrians in New York, as 59 people lost their lives. The organization Transportation Alternatives reveals that the 59 deaths represent a 44% increase from…

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