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Distractions can be deadly at construction sites

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The construction industry in the state of New York can be dangerous. A total of 1,008 deaths were reported throughout the industry in 2018. Since then, the numbers haven’t changed a great deal. The cause of these deadly accidents can be due to a number of factors. Distractions are the trend to worry about.

Many accidents are due to working while distracted

Construction accidents are all too common in New York. Many of them are caused by workers getting distracted while on the job. There are many types of accidents and deaths that can occur. Workers can be hit by flying or exploding objects. They can fall from a great height. Safety experts urge workers to avoid distractions.

Accidents that are due to distractions are 50 percent more likely to be fatal. The cause of distraction can take a number of forms. A worker may be fatigued from not getting enough sleep at home. They may also be tired due to not getting enough rest periods at the job. This can lead to a fatal delay in reaction time.

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How to deal with workplace distraction

There are several ways that you can deal with deadly distractions at a construction site. One of them will be to train your workers in a more rigorous and effective manner. You need to do all that you can in order to make them more aware of safety issues.

You can also take more direct measures. These can include adding more lighting in sensitive or dangerous areas. The more light there is in an area, the easier it will be for workers to stay awake and be more solidly focused. You also need to make sure that your workers get plenty of time to relax while on break.

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