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How can employers keep construction sites safe for workers?

Bronx Personal Injury > Construction Accidents  > How can employers keep construction sites safe for workers?

New York has numerous construction sites, especially in the Bronx and Queens areas. Construction accidents occur often due to unsafe, improper conditions. However, there are precautionary measures that employers can take to ensure that their workers stay safe.

How can construction sites be made safer to protect workers?

Employers can keep construction workers safer by instituting certain protocols. These measures can help prevent construction accidents and include:

  • Proper accommodations. Contractors often arrange for accommodations right on the construction site to save money and time. However, this can lead to an accident and subsequent injuries. It’s important to provide the proper accommodations, so construction workers can rest during their breaks and off-shift times. This helps them be rested and ready to resume their work the next day.
  • Essential training. Construction workers need essential training in the areas of health and safety in the event that someone gets sick or injured. They should be made fully aware of the risks of their work and be trained to use techniques that can save lives.
  • Regular inspections. Regular inspections should be made on all tools and equipment used at the site. If anything is detected as being faulty, it could be potentially dangerous and need repairs or to be replaced to keep workers safe.
  • Warning signs. Clear, concise warning signs should be posted anywhere there is a potential danger. This lets workers know when to be especially careful.
  • Technology. Technology is essential on construction sites. Safety features, such as a panic button, can make all the difference in the world in protecting workers.
  • Protective Personal Equipment (PPE). Construction workers perform hard work and need PPE to be safe. Hard hats, protective clothing and shoes, eyewear, and face masks can prevent myriad injuries and illnesses.

When these steps are in place, these necessary precautions can help prevent construction accidents.

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