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How dangerous is construction work?

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Certain professions come with a greater risk of injury than others. Anyone working around hazardous materials or performing tasks at great heights may narrowly dodge an injury time and time again. Construction workers in New York could find themselves dealing with several dangerous conditions at once and for many days or weeks in a row. If construction workers do get injured, they may find themselves filing a workers’ compensation claim or personal injury lawsuit to cover medical and other expenses after an incident.

The dangers of working in construction

Construction work ranks high on the list of the most dangerous jobs to perform. Statistics from 2019 show that slips, falls and trips accounted for 880 deaths. Sadly, various other reasons contribute to terrible injuries or outright fatalities. Falling objects could strike someone in the head, live wires may result in electrocutions, and hot pipes may cause severe burns.

Working with tools also presents many risks. Lacerations and punctures could result in permanent injury, and severing an artery is possible when a tool mishap occurs.

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Examining fault after an accident happens

An essential question to ask about construction accidents is “Who is at fault?” A worker’s mistake could lead to self-harm, meaning no one else is liable. What happens when tools malfunction due to poor manufacturing or the employer’s refusal to replace or maintain them? In such instances, a worker may have a strong negligence claim.

A worker’s injuries could lead to tremendous medical expenses and, possibly, the inability to continue with construction work. Even after immediate and follow-up medical treatment ends, incurring additional costs might prove unavoidable. A personal injury lawsuit is one way that a worker may be able to receive the necessary financial assistance to cover their expenses.

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