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How dangerous is Staten Island for pedestrians?

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All five boroughs in New York City come with challenges for pedestrian safety. The sheer volume of drivers along with people walking about often increases the chances of accidents. However, one particular area may present the most significant risk of dangers, and that is Staten Island, which may surprise many. Yet, one study shows that Staten Island might have the riskiest streets for pedestrians.

Staten Island and pedestrian accidents

An online car insurance site looked over roughly 4 million auto insurance applications to determine what area posed the most dangers in New York City. Sadly, three people lost their lives in pedestrian accidents in Staten Island during the early months of 2021. Those somber figures led to Staten Island’s ranking as the most dangerous borough.

Keeping alert to potential dangers might seem like a wise move for anyone walking or jogging on Staten Island. Such advice may fit well when traveling in Brooklyn or Manhattan as well. Ultimately, pedestrian accidents might happen anywhere in New York.

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Pedestrian accidents happen for numerous reasons

Pedestrian accidents could happen for any number of reasons. The crowded nature of metropolitan streets often contributes to distractions. A delivery driver may become confused looking for an address and hit someone trying to cross the street. A pedestrian might be lost listening to music through earphones and not see a truck making a left-hand turn.

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Drivers speeding through crowded streets or operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated may cause a fatal accident. A lapse in judgment leading to a fender bender might leave someone responsible for bodywork and someone’s whiplash injuries.

An auto insurance claim could cover the losses. Some incidents may lead to an unavoidable lawsuit, though. Such may be the case when a fatality results.

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