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I suffered an accident at work and my boss is not covering my injuries, can I file a lawsuit?

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I suffered an accident at work and my boss is not covering my injuries, can I file a lawsuit?

When an accident occurs at work, by law the victim must receive compensation from the employer’s insurance company, but, what happens in cases where the employer refuses to respond for the worker’s injuries, is it possible to file a lawsuit?

This type of situation, although not very frequent, may occur on some occasions, so it is important that the victim can rely on the proper legal support, in order to follow the path that will lead to receive the full benefits, without any type of injustice that may affect the case.

Were you the victim of an accident at work case and your employer is not responding for the benefits you deserve? Then at Nonna Shikh Law, we can defend you. Our team knows very well how to negotiate with insurance companies in labor cases, demanding the fulfillment of the full benefits you deserve.

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Can I file a claim if I suffered an accident at work?

Many victims of workplace accidents often wonder about this question, and the answer is no. Workers’ Compensation law states that you can’t. Workers’ Compensation, in exchange for the payment of your benefits, is the only way to recover from your injuries. This law, in exchange for the payment of compensation to cover the victim’s expenses in the event of an accident, prevents the filing of a lawsuit against the employer.

However, on some occasions, it is possible that a lawsuit may be an alternative for the injured worker, such as when the employer does not respond for the injuries suffered by the worker, or if it directly denies access to the compensation that the worker deserves by law.

In these cases, the victim has the right to file a legal claim demanding the fulfillment of their rights as an injured worker, including the millions of dollars in compensation that they are entitled to receive by law.

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What benefits can I receive by filing a claim?

In addition to the compensation that will cover each of the expenses generated by the accident, such as medical care, prescription drugs, rehabilitation therapies, clinical studies, and lost wages, a lawsuit would allow the victim to claim other payments that could considerably increase the total amount of compensation, such as, for example:

  • Moral damages payments.
  • Pain and suffering as a result of the injuries.
  • Future injuries from the accident.

It is important to keep in mind that, in order to be successful in the lawsuit and achieve each of the benefits that the victim deserves, the help of labor lawyers is essential.

Why do I need to work with employment lawyers to file an employment claim?

When you suffer an accident at work, it is essential to have the support of employment lawyers if you expect to file a lawsuit for the injuries you sustained.

A good team of employment lawyers can help you follow the right legal path to obtain the full benefits you deserve through the employment claim, as well as collect all the evidence necessary to prove the truth of your injuries before any legal instance.

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