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Is New York facing a pedestrian accident crisis?

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Living in a central metropolitan area comes with several concerns. Among the worries that pedestrians face is the potential for a catastrophic accident. With many cars and motorbikes traveling near people walking or jogging, the chances of an accident could be alarmingly high. Statistics coming from New York support concerns, as the figures reflecting pedestrian deaths are outright frightening.

An increase in pedestrian deaths occurs

Accident statistics from 2021 show that New York City is not the safest place for people going about their business. The city established a “Zero Vision” policy to increase pedestrian safety, but the program has not overcome the problems. So far, 2021 suffered a 58% increase in pedestrian deaths. Some may wonder if anything is possible to reduce the dangers.

Several reasons exist why walking around in one of the New York boroughs can be more dangerous. A large traffic volume contributes to dangers, but the risks would be far less severe if drivers and pedestrians were more careful. New York City remains a bustling place, and people are in a rush to get to where they’re going. Decisions to go through red lights or make a pass on the right could result in a deadly crash.

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Troubles in New York

New York is a unique place, and additional elements add to the danger. For example, delivery drivers choosing to handle their job on an electric bicycle could go far beyond safe speeds and weave in and out of the street and onto the sidewalk. They may contribute to accidents, as well.

Distracted driving may be an issue that causes pedestrian accidents. Someone coming out of a busy meeting may have thoughts focused on work, leading to mistakes and accidents.

Anyone who causes a pedestrian accident may face civil consequences. Sadly, some drivers won’t change their behavior until things go wrong.

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