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Is the Bronx a dangerous place for bicyclists

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Is the Bronx a dangerous place for bicyclists

Bicyclists remain a common sight in the Bronx, as many people commute to work or run errands on their bikes. Dangers exist when riding around the Bronx since numerous intersections come with hazards. Not all drivers are courteous or even aware of where they are going, making things challenging for New York bicyclists. While cyclists should be cautious at all crossroads, some street corners seem more dangerous than others.

Dangerous intersections in the Bronx

Annual statistics reveal frightening news for anyone bicycling in New York City. Ten bicyclists died in vehicle-related accidents in 2018, and 2019 saw that figure nearly double by July. A lack of bike lanes contributes to the problem, and the Bronx lags with bike lane availability.

The southwestern Melrose section of the Bronx might be home to the most dangerous locations. Melrose has the dubious distinction of presenting not only the first, second, and fourth most dangerous intersections, but it also has two areas noted in a 7-way tie for fifth-most dangerous intersections, per 2019 figures based on recorded injuries.

E 149th St & Morris Ave ranks as the number-one most dangerous intersection, with nearby E 161th St & Morris Ave ranking at number two. Brook Ave & E 138th St in Mott Haven is number three. University Heights, Hunts Point, and East Tremont also have intersections in the top danger spots.

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Risks and bicycling in the Bronx

Being a safe bicyclist, one who wears proper safety gear and follows all traffic laws, could prevent problems. That said, personal injury suits occur when someone’s negligence causes harm, and a bicyclist might get hurt when a driver makes an illegal turn or otherwise does something wrong.

A distracted driver might go through a red light and cause a crash, while an intoxicated driver might veer into a bike lane and hit someone. When hurt by someone’s negligence, taking legal action could be unavoidable.

A vehicle-bicycle collision could leave someone with a traumatic brain injury, broken bones, severe lacerations, and other serious problems. The costs associated with medical treatment and lost income may prompt someone to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit to recover the losses.

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