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Lane-keeping technology can present risks to bicyclists

Bronx Personal Injury > Bike Accidents  > Lane-keeping technology can present risks to bicyclists

In recent years, newer vehicles on the streets of New York and elsewhere in the United States have been outfitted with a variety of high-tech safety features. These include lane-keeping technology. As sometimes is the case with new technology, there can be unintended consequences. For example, there is evidence that in certain instances lane-keeping technology can cause or contribute to bicycle accidents.

The risk to bicyclists of lane-keeping technology

Lane-keeping technology is designed to prevent such things as what commonly is referred to as lane drift. This occurs when a driver may be a bit drowsy or distracted and slowly drifts out of an intended lane of traffic. The technology adjusts for this drift and moves the vehicle back into the initial or intended lane of traffic.

A problem occurs when a bicyclist ends up sharing a lane with an automobile. In order to compensate for the presence of a bicyclist in the lane, a driver may make a slight course adjustment. Lane-changing technology may interpret this as drift and activate. This process is now known to cause bicycle accidents in some situations.

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Driver responsibility

Even if a lane-keeping system activates under circumstances like those just presented, a driver still bears responsibility for avoiding collisions with bicyclists. When this type of accident occurs, the automobile driver may be deemed at least partially at fault for an accident and injuries sustained by a bicyclist.

A bicyclist injured in an accident believed to be the fault of a motorist should proactively consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. A typical New York personal injury attorney charges no fee for an initial consultation and case evaluation with a bicyclist who has sustained injuries or damages as the result of an accident.

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