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3 Benefits of Working with Personal Injury Attorneys for Slip and Fall Accidents

3 Benefits of Working with Personal Injury Attorneys for Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can cause significant damage to victims, leading to high recovery costs and financial imbalances. However, with the help of personal injury lawyers, victims can claim compensation and secure access to the benefits that the law offers. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a team of personal injury attorneys on your side when you suffer a slip and fall accident.

If you need help from a team of slip-and-fall lawyers, at Nonna Shikh Law, we provide you with the quality attention you need, along with a professional team that will truly care about providing you…

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Injured in a New York City Workplace Accident? Here’s Why You Need Employment Lawyers

Why do I need to work with New York City employment lawyers if I have been injured in a New York City workplace accident?

If you’ve been injured on the job in New York City, it can be difficult to access the benefits you’re entitled to under the law without proper legal support. New York is governed by Workers’ Compensation law, which requires employers to provide workers’ compensation to cover expenses related to work-related accidents.

However, sometimes there may be certain obstacles in the process, which may delay the delivery of compensation to the victim, or even completely deny them access to the compensation they deserve by law.

To avoid this type of situation, having the support of labor lawyers is extremely important. Do you need…

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Construction Accident Lawyer: How Legal Assistance Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

What do construction accident lawyers do and when do I need them?

In the United States, when a construction accident case occurs, the victim has the right to receive millions in workers’ compensation, which can recover the most money for his or her injuries. Did you suffer a construction accident and your rights are not being respected? Our experienced construction accident attorneys can help, here’s how!

According to national statistics, provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 78 work-related fatalities in 2018, with construction being the work sector with the highest number of fatalities, with 10 cases.

If you’ve suffered a construction accident and your rights are not being respected, you…

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Pedestrian deaths spike in early 2022

Pedestrians take risks whenever they are near moving vehicles. Walking along a New York highway near speeding cars isn’t the only way pedestrians find themselves in a potentially hazardous situation. Walking near a parked vehicle could become deadly if the driver pulls away without looking. Tragically, the first quarter of 2022 experienced too many examples of how pedestrians may lose their lives.
The fatal first quarter of 2022
Early 2022 proved to be a tragic month for many pedestrians in New York, as 59 people lost their lives. The organization Transportation Alternatives reveals that the 59 deaths represent a 44% increase from…

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Pedestrian fatalities are on the rise in New York City

Pedestrian fatalities in New York City during the first four months of 2021 rose by a worrying 58% compared with the same period in 2020, according to figures released recently by the city’s Department of Transportation. New York’s Vision Zero initiative, which was launched by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2014, aims to eliminate traffic fatalities in the five boroughs, but some road safety advocates believe that the measures being put into place to prevent car accidents are actually making urban streets more dangerous for those who choose to travel on foot.
Bicycle lanes
These measures include reducing the speed limit on…

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Queens lawmaker wants to allow bicyclists on MTA bridges

Residents of New York City, including Queens and the Bronx, will want to be aware of a new bill that has been introduced that will expand access to MTA stations and bridges to pedestrians and bicyclists. At present, they are not allowed. According to news reports, Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas has introduced legislation to work with MTA in establishing safe bike lanes on MTA bridges and stations.
MTA should consider bicycles and pedestrians
The proposal requires that the MTA consider and prioritize bicycle and pedestrian access when planning projects. These sustainable means of transportation have been overlooked, but they are seen to be…

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Research finds that being a pedestrian is becoming more dangerous

There’s no denying that New York is a state full of busy people where residents often find themselves on the go. Unfortunately, research shows that it’s becoming more dangerous for pedestrians who travel by walking. Here’s a closer look at why pedestrian deaths are increasing.
The rise of pedestrian deaths
Statistics show that pedestrian accidents are occurring more often. One study found that in 2019, pedestrian deaths reached a 30-year high.

There are a few reasons why more walking pedestrians are getting injured or killed. Many experts point to distracted driving as well as more pedestrians using their smartphones while walking. Another contributor…

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Staying safe and avoiding dooring while cycling in the city

Bustling cities in New York often mean crowded roadways and traffic jams. One way that many commuters avoid being stuck in traffic is by biking. Though protected bike paths can make commuting safer, there are still precautions that cyclists need to take. One of these is avoiding dooring.
What is dooring?
Dooring occurs when an occupant of a vehicle opens its door in front of the path of a cyclist. It’s a common cause of serious injuries. Both vehicle occupants and cyclists are responsible to prevent these types of bicycle accidents from occurring.
How to avoid dooring while riding in the city
A cyclist…

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Steps to take after complex construction accidents

Construction accidents caused by large, complex machinery occasionally happen on worksites of big buildings in the Bronx and Queens in New York City. Scaffolding and smaller machinery can also cause accidents, especially in bad weather. Nevertheless, most construction accidents are caused by negligence, which could make the victims eligible for compensation.
What to do after construction accidents
Anyone involved in construction accidents involving equipment should gather as much information as possible. If you were injured, you simply cannot gather too much information for a personal injury case. However, you also need to protect yourself by getting medical help as soon as possible…

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The purpose of NYC scaffolding laws

Every construction site in New York City is protected by scaffolding laws. OSHA may set standards as to how scaffolds are erected and used, but the city’s laws determine who is liable for accidents when they occur.
What scaffolding laws do
New York City constantly has new construction projects going up. In 2015, over 80 million additional square feet of construction were added to the urban landscape. With these projects come increased risks of construction accidents. The city’s scaffolding laws protect construction workers and suggest ideal practices for safely constructing a building.

The New York Labor Law Section 240 is called the “Scaffolding…

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