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Consider safety when building a walking route

When pedestrians are involved in car accidents, their damages are significantly more severe than vehicle drivers or passengers. Every walking route in New York must be designed with optimal safety in mind.
Proximity to busy roads and highways
The first factor to consider for a walkway is its proximity to busy roads and highways where hundreds of cars pass every day. It’s rarely a good idea to have a sidewalk only inches away from a busy highway that extends for miles until it connects to another busy highway. In some cases, this type of sidewalk is unavoidable, and it’s better than having…

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Collecting evidence after an accident

After a car accident occurs, the primary concern is to ensure that everyone involved in the collision is safe and seeking medical treatment if necessary. Your secondary concern is to ensure that you document evidence of the accident. This will be necessary to support any claims made relating to the collision. Drivers in New York and elsewhere should take certain steps to collect evidence of damages sustained from a vehicle accident.
Accident report
Following auto accidents, it is usually a good idea to call the police. The police can help deal with traffic issues and document what happened in a collision by…

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Common accidents that construction workers experience

The New York construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries out there for employees. In fact, it’s been estimated that 75% of all construction workers who are employed for a period of at least 45 years are likely to experience a serious injury. It’s more important than ever before for construction companies to develop keen safety measures and training programs to decrease this dangerously high risk.
The most common cause of construction worker fatality is falling. When dealing with overhead platforms, elevated workspaces and holes in the floor, construction accidents are imminent. It’s vital that employers provide necessary fall…

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Bronx residents want more bike lanes

The residents of Bronx, New York, were polled to determine where their priorities lie in regards to the usage of the streets throughout the city. The majority of voters desired more dedicated bus lanes and protected bike lanes throughout their neighborhoods, even at the cost of losing parking spaces. This may not come as a big surprise to those who know that only 32% of residents actually use a car to get around town.
A closer look at bike lanes
Bicycle accidents have been on the rise over recent years. While many sections of New York City have enjoyed the convenience of…

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Bike lanes may reduce bicycle accidents

Riding a bike provides many benefits to commuters who want alternatives to riding public transportation or driving a car in the Bronx or Queens. Bicycle commuters may save themselves some money while enjoying cardiovascular benefits. They could put themselves at risk for injuries or worse, as a bicyclist may suffer terribly in an accident with a vehicle or truck driver. Hopefully, local municipalities will add bike lanes around the state to improve safety….

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Bronx intersection is hazardous for pedestrians

The intersection of Olmstead and Seward Avenues in the Bronx is known as being dangerous for pedestrians. This part of New York has long been notorious as an area where a disproportionate number of crashes have occurred, and 2022 is shaping up to be yet another bloody year in this area.
The number of deaths is quickly mounting
Pedestrian accidents in the Castle Hill area of the Bronx are nothing new. However, since January of 2020, the number of crashes recorded has been setting a whole slew of records. There have been at least 33 reported crashes at the intersection. It should…

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