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Vehicles, equipment, dangers, and construction jobs

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Working on a construction site comes with many challenges. Avoiding injuries ranks high on the list for many seasoned employees. Even those new to the construction industry understand accidents are sometimes unavoidable. A New York construction site remains very active, and workers find themselves in the proximity of many dangers, including moving vehicles and construction equipment.

Vehicles, heavy equipment, and hazards

Collisions could occur when dump trucks and forklifts move around a hectic worksite. Delivery vehicles may cause an accident on or near the job site. Distractions or outright reckless driving might be the reason for the disaster. And there are other issues possible when dealing with heavy equipment or commercial vehicles. Something falling off a truck or forklift could hurt a bystander.

Employees hurt on the job could explore a workers’ compensation claim. When a third party causes the injury, filing a lawsuit against the liable entity could be an option.

Compensation and construction accidents

Plaintiffs in personal injury suits often seek compensation for lost wages and for good reason. Anyone who can’t work loses the funds necessary for covering living expenses, such as rent, food, and clothing. Worse, injuries that affect income potential could become permanent. Someone unable to perform certain duties or tasks might seek out a near career, one that ends up paying less. Loss of future income is someone an accident victim may seek when construction accidents force a job change.

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Accident victims might also seek compensation for medical bills and related expenses. Sometimes, the care for post-accident rehabilitation could be for more than someone expected. Workers’ comp and civil litigation may provide a financial solution.

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