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What new initiative focuses on bicycle safety?

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Bicyclists find their active hobby does more than provide exercise sessions. Bicycling presents an alternative to short or long-distance vehicle commuting, which could save money. Unfortunately, New York bicyclists may find themselves traveling close to cars, vans, SUVs, and other vehicles capable of causing them injuries. Emphasizing bicycle safety may reduce dangers when possible.

Improving steps for bicycle safety

The Department of Transportation intends to take beneficial steps to help improve bicycle safety in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. Significant upgrades on 20th and 21st Streets hope to create a special “Bike Boulevard” that could reduce potential injuries to bicyclists.

The fundamental step of adding new bike lanes might enhance safety significantly. A bike lane provides an area where cars are must not drive, creating more space between bicyclists and vehicles. Another benefit may emerge here. Bicyclists who opt for the bike lane won’t be on the sidewalk. Cycling on the sidewalk may increase the chances of a bicyclist-pedestrian accident.

The “Bike Boulevard” design would extend to other areas outside 20th and 21st Street. Perhaps the new upgrades may inspire other sections of New York to do the same.

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Bicycle accidents happen

Even when city officials and safety-conscious drivers and bicyclists emphasize safety, risks for accidents exist. A bike lane adds to safety, but a drunk or distracted driver may travel into the lane at an unsafe speed.

Bike accidents may happen when a driver pulls out of a driveway too fast and without looking. A pedestrian might run across the street without looking, as well. Pedestrians could be at fault for accidents when they behave negligently.

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Persons who cause or contribute to a bicycle accident might face a lawsuit. Anyone injured in a bike crash may suffer severe injuries, even life-threatening ones. For these reasons and more, concerns about bicycle safety prove warranted.

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