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Construction accidents

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When Injuries Occur In The Workplace, We’re Here To Help

New York City is perpetually under construction, and there is never a time when a build or remodel isn’t happening somewhere in the city. This is good news for the vitality of the city overall, but it also poses hazards to construction workers and anyone who passes by an active site.


Construction zones are dangerous places, full of hazards related to tripping, falling, falling objects, scaffolding collapses and other injuries. If you ever find yourself injured on a construction site as a worker or passerby, The Law Firm of Nonna Shikh can help you seek appropriate compensation for your injuries.

Construction Accidents

New York construction workers face daily risks, from scaffolding falls to equipment accidents to falling objects from above. Our lawyers are well-versed in representing injured roofers, drywallers, carpenters, electricians and others who make their living on construction sites.


These cases can be complex, as the at-fault parties may vary and there may even be more than one. Was your injury caused because another contractor on the job failed to assemble scaffolding correctly, causing it to collapse? Perhaps you were injured because of defective fall protection or a defective power tool. We will determine who the negligent party was and take appropriate action to get you compensation.

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Our Workers’ Compensation Practice

Our knowledgeable attorneys are ready to help you pursue a workers’ compensation claim if you were injured in construction or any other line of work. Although state law entitles injured workers to receive benefits (in most cases), employers and insurance companies often make it as difficult as possible to get approved because denying benefits saves them money.


Working with an attorney can make the entire process much easier and may improve your chances of benefits approval. We are ready to take your case from initial filing through all levels of appeal.

Third-Party Liability May Be An Option

One reason that it is so important to fight for workers’ compensation benefits is that in New York, employees are typically prohibited from suing their employers for injuries suffered on the job. This means that workers’ compensation is often the sole remedy for workplace injuries.


There is one exception in certain cases, however. If you were injured on the job due to the negligence of a third party (not your employer or a coworker), you can bring legal action against that party. As just one example, imagine that you were severely injured by a malfunctioning pneumatic nail gun because the device was defective. You could pursue workers’ compensation benefits and file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the nail gun. Our firm is equipped to represent you in both actions.

Personal Injury Litigation For Non-Employees

If you were harmed while passing by a construction site or in any other workplace setting where you are not an employee, you can file a personal injury lawsuit. Typically, this will take the form of a premises liability lawsuit, but we can discuss specifics during an initial consultation with you.

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