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Along with pedestrians, bicyclists face the greatest dangers on New York City roads. And in spite of this, they also tend to be maligned as “rule breakers” and are frequently blamed for their own injuries and deaths.


This is a damaging narrative, and it is simply untrue. Nearly all bicyclists understand the dangers they face when riding through the city, and many are especially cautious purely for reasons of self-preservation. Unfortunately, the death and injury rate among bicyclists tragically high.


If you or someone you love has been seriously harmed while riding a bike or walking through the city, The Law Firm of Nonna Shikh is here to help you assert your rights and seek the compensation you need and deserve. We have been fighting for injury victims for more than 20 years, and we will fight just as hard for you.

The Dangerous And Deadly Behaviors Leading To Bicyclist Accidents

According to statistics collected by the NYPD in recent years, here are the most common causes of bicyclist fatalities (and pedestrian fatalities) in collisions with motor vehicles:

Driver distraction or inattention.

Driver failure to yield right of way

Drivers disregarding signs and traffic signals

Drivers traveling at an unsafe speed

Alcohol impairment

Drivers backing up in an unsafe or negligent manner

Everyone – including drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists – has a responsibility to obey the law and to travel cautiously. But when drivers ignore this responsibility, it is most often bicyclists and pedestrians who pay the price.

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The Importance of Civil Litigation

Unless a driver is obviously drunk or has fled the scene of an accident, criminal charges are rare. Therefore, the only way that most negligent drivers can be held accountable is through the civil justice system – particularly in a personal injury or wrongful death  lawsuit.


Moreover, even when a driver is criminally charged, the process typically does nothing to compensate the victim for their medical bills, lost wages and other accident-related losses. Working with an experienced attorney gives you the best chance at holding bad drivers accountable, deterring future negligence and obtaining much-needed  compensation.

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