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6 Tips to Avoid Construction Accidents in New York

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6 Tips to Avoid Construction Accidents in New York

In New York City, construction accidents are one of the most dangerous for workers due to the heavy tools and machinery used in each activity. To avoid these types of incidents, there are certain tips that are important to keep in mind, which we will see below.

According to figures reported by the New York City Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), in 2020 there were 41 workers killed in this area, placing the fatality rate of construction accidents at 11.1 per 100,000 workers.

The chances of suffering an accident of this type when working in construction sites are very high, especially when minimum safety rules are not followed. If you are a victim of this type of accident, at Shikh Law we have the legal solution you need.

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How can construction accidents be avoided in New York?

To avoid construction accidents in New York City, there are several tips that should be taken into account, which can keep workers safe even when performing activities that involve a risk due to the use of heavy tools or machinery.

Some of the main recommendations to avoid construction accidents in New York are:

  1. Comply with regulations and rules
  2. Regularly inspect construction sites
  3. Keep the site clean and organized
  4. Provide safety training
  5. Encourage communication
  6. Conduct risk assessments

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When to hire the assistance of construction accident lawyers?

If you become a victim of this type of accident, it is important that you can count on the support of a team that allows you to obtain all the benefits you deserve, including a substantial workers’ compensation.

Although this benefit is mandatory for every injured worker, there may be limitations that can prevent you from receiving it in full. To avoid these types of situations, it is best to have the legal support of a team of professional lawyers who can defend you in any instance.

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Were you a victim of construction accidents in New York? At Shikh Law we know how to defend your rights. With the help of our legal team, you will have the opportunity to access all the benefits you deserve as a victim, including substantial compensation that will allow you to recover from your injuries.

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How to avoid injuries in construction accidents in NY?

Comply with the rules of prevention, make sure you receive training, know the safety procedures, check the condition of the tools, demand inspection of the workplace, and check the condition of fenders and supports.

What personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used on construction sites?

Construction workers should be equipped with PPE, which may include hardhats, gloves, crush- and slip-resistant footwear, protective coveralls, and respirators.

How to eliminate fire and electricity hazards on construction sites?

Turning off power to certain portions of the site can prevent shock hazards for workers. Overhead power lines should be marked or relocated to prevent machinery from contacting them. Finally, clearing flammable or explosive materials away from work areas can prevent burns and property damage resulting from fires.

How to prevent construction accidents and increase safety precautions on construction site?

Some tips are: participate in all safety training programs, always make sure to have on appropriate safety gear, be properly trained whenever you begin a new job or start to operate a new piece of machinery, avoid falls by inspecting scaffolding and ladders before using them, avoid back strain or similar injuries by lifting items properly, observe fire safety precautions, sit down when working at lower levels to avoid knee strain, secure all equipment and temporary structures, avoid working in stormy, overly windy, or icy weather, and report unsafe work conditions to the appropriate authorities.