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Important Evidence to Gather for Filing a Lawsuit After a Traffic Accident

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Important Evidence to Gather for Filing a Lawsuit After a Traffic Accident

In the case of a traffic accident in New York City, the law provides the opportunity to access a series of benefits, which can be increased by filing a lawsuit for the injuries suffered. However, to take this legal step, you need to work hand in hand with traffic accident lawyers and have sufficient evidence to support your case.

But what kind of evidence is necessary in these types of cases? What are the benefits that can be achieved by filing a lawsuit for traffic accidents? We answer each of these questions in this article, so you can have a little more clarity on these types of cases.

Remember, if you were the victim of a traffic accident in New York City, in which you suffered injuries, at Nonna Shikh Law we can guide you through the appropriate legal path. By working with the support of our team of traffic accident lawyers, you can have the opportunity to access a million-dollar compensation, with which you can achieve financial recovery from your injuries and each of the damages caused by the accident.

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Can a lawsuit be filed in traffic accidents?

When a traffic accident occurs, the injuries can be so serious that important medical procedures may be required to achieve a speedy recovery. Fortunately, each of these expenses can be recoverable through the compensation that the responsible party’s insurance company will have to pay.

However, if for some reason in the case of an accident, due process is not followed, or you are not awarded the compensation you truly deserve, with the help of a team of traffic accident lawyers, you can file a lawsuit that claims the fulfillment of your rights as a victim.

Keep in mind that, for that lawsuit to have the sufficient argument to obtain a positive outcome, it is essential that you can provide the largest amount of evidence of the case.

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What evidence can be useful when filing a lawsuit for a traffic accident?

In general, any type of document that proves the truthfulness of your testimony and the facts in which you suffered injuries can be useful as evidence, and thus give the necessary weight to your case, to obtain the best results.

Some of the elements that can serve as evidence in this case are:

Police report: A detailed police report of the accident is one of the most important pieces of evidence. Usually, this type of report includes information about the drivers, the vehicles involved, road conditions, and any other relevant information, making it an essential piece of evidence when initiating legal action.

Photos: When you suffer a traffic accident, it is important to take photos of the accident site, including the vehicles involved, vehicle damage, the location of traffic lights and relevant traffic signs, as well as anything else related to the incident. Photos can provide a clearer picture of how the accident occurred.

Witnesses: If there are witnesses to the accident, ask for their names and phone numbers and, if possible, ask them to provide a written or in-person statement. Witnesses can provide valuable information about how the accident occurred, making the legal process easier in the event of a lawsuit.

Insurance information: It is important to obtain the insurance company information of the other party involved in the accident. It may be useful at any time.

Vehicle maintenance record: If the accident was caused by a mechanical failure in the vehicle, its maintenance records can be useful to demonstrate that the owner did not fulfill their maintenance responsibilities.

Medical Bills: If you or anyone involved in the accident suffered injuries, medical bills can demonstrate the extent of the injuries and associated costs, proving the truthfulness of the accident.

Medical Reports: If the injuries were severe, a specialized team of doctors will issue a medical report to provide a more detailed assessment of the injuries. This report, like the police report, is essential in a lawsuit.

Each of these documents can be extremely important when claiming your compensation as a victim of traffic accidents in New York. Remember that if you do not have most of them, our lawyers can help you gather all the necessary evidence to file the lawsuit for your rights.

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