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Truck accident causes a total of eight injuries in Brooklyn, New York

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Truck accident causes a total of eight injuries in Brooklyn, New York

Last Monday, January 13, a truck accident was recorded in the district of Brooklyn, New York, after a truck belonging to the U-Haul company crashed into a group of pedestrians at the intersection between Bay Ridge Parkway and Fifth Avenue. 

Eight people were injured in the accident, which occurred at 11:00 am local time, of which two were in critical condition, two suffered severe injuries, and four others suffered minor injuries. 

According to information provided by the authorities, the collision occurred after the truck driver fled from an attempt to stop the vehicle, a process in which, in addition to ramming two police patrol cars, he ran over the eight pedestrians who were injured in the event. 

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What rights do truck accident victims have in New York?

After suffering injuries in a truck accident in New York, a victim can claim compensation for each damage sustained in the event. This benefit allows you to recover all the expenses arising from the incident, including medical care and each of the medical procedures required to stabilize your state of health.

To access this benefit, it’s important that the victim can count on the legal support of a team of accident lawyers, who will allow them to follow the right path, avoiding mistakes or injustices that could play against the victim, preventing them from receiving the benefits they deserve. 

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What do I need to do to receive compensation for a truck accident?

In addition to having the legal support of a team of accident lawyers who provide the necessary legal advice in this type of case, the victim must follow a series of important steps, which may be decisive when receiving the compensation they deserve by law. 

Here are 3 of the essential steps you must take to get compensation for a truck accident: 

Report the accident to the police authorities

Once the accident occurs, it must be reported to the police authorities of the place where the event happened since they will be the ones who generate the report in which important details regarding the event will be detailed, such as the place in which it occurred, the time, the detail of the damage caused, among other information that may be essential when claiming the victim’s benefits.

Request immediate medical attention

In this event, the most important thing is your health and well-being. Therefore, even if you believe that you have not suffered severe injuries, you must request immediate medical assistance so that a health professional can diagnose your state of health after the accident. This medical report will also be essential when claiming compliance with your rights.

Take as much evidence from the case as possible

If it is necessary to initiate a legal process to claim the benefits you deserve by law as a victim of a truck accident in New York, you must have the greatest amount of evidence in the case, so you can defend your claim and increase the possibility of receiving the compensation you deserve as a victim. 

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Work with the best accident Lawyers in New York

If you were a victim of a truck accident case, then our team at Nonna Law can defend you. With the legal help of our aggressive accident lawyers, you can have the opportunity to access each of the benefits you deserve by law.

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