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What are ways to prevent common bicycle injuries?

Bronx Personal Injury > Bike Accidents  > What are ways to prevent common bicycle injuries?

New York cyclists should use bike lanes and follow the flow of traffic. Fractures, soft tissue injuries and head injuries often occur after bicycle accidents. The most common injuries appear on the limbs, but the face, head, neck and abdomen often have injuries. Many people have soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal injuries after bicycle accidents, but head injuries are common.

Lower limb injuries

Knees are the most common place to have overuse injuries while riding a bicycle. Quadriceps tendonitis can cause knee pain, which shoe implants or cleat positions can prevent. Foot numbness and tingling after bicycle accidents may be from exertional compartment syndrome, which results from the compression of nerves. The treatment is usually surgical release.

Head and neck injuries

Head injuries are some of the most common injuries after bicycle accidents, which include soft tissue damage and traumatic brain injuries. Wearing helmets may reduce head injuries by a significant amount. Yew York helmet laws require people 14 and under to wear them while riding a bicycle. An improper form may cause neck or back injuries, but it’s common after bicycle accidents. A bad hit or awkward landing can strain the muscles or bones in the neck and back. A common injury after an accident is whiplash.

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Upper limb injuries

Wrist and forearm pain may be from carpal tunnel syndrome, and changing hand positions can help prevent the pain. Cyclists who have accidents may have pain or numbness in their wrists or forearms after a fall. Locked elbows while riding act as shock absorbers and wrists do the same when using them to brace yourself. Padded gloves may protect a cyclist against wrist and forearm injuries.

While bicycle accidents are common, you should know ways of preventing injuries. Safety equipment on the bicycle and the cyclist are great ways to prevent serious injuries such as head trauma. The location and severity of the injuries determine what a cyclist should do after an accident. You can usually treat mild injuries at home with ice and heat therapy.

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