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Bike lanes may reduce bicycle accidents

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Riding a bike provides many benefits to commuters who want alternatives to riding public transportation or driving a car in the Bronx or Queens. Bicycle commuters may save themselves some money while enjoying cardiovascular benefits. They could put themselves at risk for injuries or worse, as a bicyclist may suffer terribly in an accident with a vehicle or truck driver. Hopefully, local municipalities will add bike lanes around the state to improve safety.

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Bike lanes and the reduction of accidents

Bike lanes do more than encourage cyclists and accommodate bicycle enthusiasts. The lanes promote safety. A Department of Transportation study shows bicycle lanes may reduce cyclist injuries by 32% to 34%.

As the name reveals, a bike lane refers to a section of a road intended for the exclusive use of bicyclists. Bicycle lanes feature markings that designate their purpose, and the lanes rest between moving traffic areas and parked cars.

Often, bike lanes allow bicyclists to travel at a speed slower than cars while avoiding traveling too close to vehicles and staying off the sidewalk.

Bike lanes have their safety limitations, though. Accidents may still happen due to negligence.

Bicycle lanes and their limitations

A driver who chooses to text behind the wheel could drift into a bike lane and hit a cyclist. An intoxicated driver could veer into the lane at an unsafe speed and “sandwich” a bicyclist between their vehicle and a parked car. Such instances reflect examples of how negligence might lead to someone getting hurt severely. Even the opening of a door of a parked car could cause a bicycle accident, which is why drivers must be careful when exiting their vehicle.

If a bicyclist suffers injuries due to negligence, a lawsuit may result. Seeking compensation makes sense to those whose lives become upended due to a dangerous driver.

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