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Collecting evidence after an accident

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After a car accident occurs, the primary concern is to ensure that everyone involved in the collision is safe and seeking medical treatment if necessary. Your secondary concern is to ensure that you document evidence of the accident. This will be necessary to support any claims made relating to the collision. Drivers in New York and elsewhere should take certain steps to collect evidence of damages sustained from a vehicle accident.

Accident report

Following auto accidents, it is usually a good idea to call the police. The police can help deal with traffic issues and document what happened in a collision by filing an accident report. An experienced auto accident attorney can later obtain this report and use it when making claims related to the incident.


It is important to take pictures of all damage to a vehicle and any obvious injuries sustained by a person involved. In addition, drivers should consider taking pictures of the area in which the accident occurred so it will be easier to explain the mechanics of the situation at a future time.

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Video recordings

If possible, drivers should record video of the accident scene. In the aftermath of a car accident, this can be helpful when depicting what happened. In addition, individuals may make recorded statements about what occurred. These can prove useful when dealing with a claim brought relating to the accident.

Insurance paperwork

Shortly after an auto accident, it is important to complete any insurance paperwork that is needed to make a claim regarding the collision. Paperwork often includes a narrative about how the accident occurred, and individuals are also encouraged to submit photographs and other evidence related to the incident. However, before submitting insurance paperwork, individuals should contact legal counsel to ensure that they do not waive any claims they may have.

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Remember that all evidence gathered at the scene can prove helpful. It might even be vital in court.

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