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Different injuries based on where you sit in a car accident

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Car accidents can be sudden and traumatic experiences. Despite this, there has been some research done on what types of injuries are common with different types of auto accidents. This research done on auto accidents might help keep you safe and aware while driving through the traffic-heavy streets of Queens or the Bronx in New York.

What are the risks if you’re driving?

Ultimately, drivers were more likely to protect themselves during accidents even if subconsciously. Even with that in mind, a recent study said that they still account for about 60.8% of injuries reported in an auto accident.

What are the risks if you’re a passenger?

Ultimately, this study found that driving as a passenger in a car is more dangerous than driving a car itself. Front seat passengers had the highest mortality rate in a survey of 28,654 patients from auto accidents.

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People who sat in the rear were more likely to suffer from traumatic brain injuries than people in the front seat, probably from the lack of airbags in most back seats. In addition, all car passengers were at risk for serious abdominal injuries from their seat belts.

What does this mean for you?

Being injured in an auto accident can mean medical debt and other expenses. Here are the questions you should ask after being in an auto accident:

  • Was the car poorly manufactured for passengers or drivers?
  • Was your injury largely due to the actions of the driver or passenger you were with?
  • Could your injuries have been prevented?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you might be entitled to compensation of some kind. Consider reaching out to an attorney who has experiences auto accidents to discuss your options.

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