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Non-union workers face construction accident risks

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Anyone who works at a New York construction site faces injury risks. Workers could spend years on the job without incident, but heavy equipment, moving vehicles, heights, and other work environment-related dangers present ever-present risks. Both union and non-union workers have to be careful, but statistics show that non-union personnel may face even more hazardous circumstances.

Non-union workers and construction site injuries

If a tool slips out of someone’s hands and falls to ground level, a worker might suffer a head injury. A generally careful professional could get cut with a saw blade, leading to a severe injury. All workers have to be mindful of dangers, and these incidents could happen to union and non-union workers alike. However, the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) produced a 2018 report that revealed non-union workers might face far greater risks.

The report noted that 86% of fatally injured workers were non-union personnel. The report suggested that non-union job sites suffered from fewer rigorous safety inspections than union sites.

Thorough inspections could uncover problems workers don’t know about, such as a poorly assembled or damaged scaffold. When a union inspector finds issues, a fix may be forthcoming. No inspections or cursory inspections might lead to otherwise avoidable construction site accidents.

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Compensation for accidents

Construction site accidents happen for many reasons. Loose electrical wires may cause shocks or untidy workspaces, leading to slip-and-fall accidents. Poor safety equipment doesn’t help anyone.

Injuries may range in severity. As noted, fatal accidents occur, and so do ones that cause lengthy or short-term recovery times. Regardless of the severity, an injured worker may seek compensation to cover lost wages and other expenses. Full-time employees might file for workers’ compensation, although they could also sue under specific circumstances. Independent contractors might have no other option but to sue. That said, a liability insurance claim may be an approach to explore.

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