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NYC is cracking down on construction accidents and fatalities

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Residents and businesses of New York City and nearby areas of the Bronx and Queens may want to learn more about how NYC is conducting safety sweeps, with zero tolerance of violations at construction sites. This is after a recent string of fatalities of construction workers. These tragic deaths could have been avoided with knowledge and remedy of unsafe conditions.

Fines might be the result

According to Safety+Health, Department of Building (DOB) inspectors will be looking for safety violations, and violators could face fines of up to $25,000. This new policy is the result of two separate accidents in May, where two workers died after a fall.

Projects must be in compliance

Inspectors will visit the construction site. There they will ensure that the projects are paying attention to safety plans. The projects must be in full compliance. If they are not, the city will immediately take enforcement actions. Shutting down a worksite might be the result of the discovery of serious lapses in safety.

Contractors and safety professionals must follow the city’s regulations for safety. Workers must be using safety harnesses. There are fall-arrest systems in place when they are a requirement. Construction accidents are preventable before they occur with these systems.

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The distribution of important information

Written information regarding fall prevention and safety information must have distribution. The Department of Building will mail this information to all those who have permits to do roof work.

Inspectors have the task of sweeping the city to inspect the worksites. Accidents are preventable before they happen, with attention to unsafe conditions as the focus. Where there are unsafe conditions, projects will see “zero tolerance.” Even one death, which is avoidable, is unacceptable to the city of New York.

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