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Tragic bicycle accident stats

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Bicyclists may improve their health and fitness by cycling for leisure or reducing commuting costs. A drawback to bicycling in New York would be the inherent danger. Bicyclists can’t rely on an automobile’s frame for protection, so they remain exceptionally vulnerable if a car or larger vehicle strikes them. Bicyclists might benefit from being extra cautious on their travels, but even defensive bicycling skills have their limits.

Bicyclist dangers and risks

A quick review of bicycle accident figures could shock those who don’t realize cyclists’ dangers. In 2011, 873 died in bicycle/vehicle accidents, which rose to 1,260 in 2020. Nonfatal accident figures are significant, as 325,173 incidents took place in 2020.

Even though a bicyclist may wear a sturdy helmet and travel at a low speed, the protection might not be enough to prevent a skull fracture upon impacting the ground. Tragically, a bicyclist could suffer other injuries from the impact.

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Causes for bicycle accidents and injuries

Bicyclists hoping to avoid suffering injuries might wonder how to avoid any dangers. Busy metropolitan areas could be chaotic and distracting, so drivers might not see a bicyclist until it’s too late. The dangers increase when either the bicyclist or driver makes an ill-advised decision, such as the driver making an illegal turn.

Other dangerous situations might play out. Bicycle accidents could occur when a driver opens the door of a parked car without looking. Bicyclists may crash into pedestrians, and the pedestrians could be at fault in some instances. For example, an intoxicated bar patron might walk onto the street and into the path of a bicyclist.

The negligent party could face a lawsuit if negligence contributes to an accident. An insurance policy may provide the funds for a settlement.

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