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Staying safe and avoiding dooring while cycling in the city

Bustling cities in New York often mean crowded roadways and traffic jams. One way that many commuters avoid being stuck in traffic is by biking. Though protected bike paths can make commuting safer, there are still precautions that cyclists need to take. One of these is avoiding dooring.
What is dooring?
Dooring occurs when an occupant of a vehicle opens its door in front of the path of a cyclist. It’s a common cause of serious injuries. Both vehicle occupants and cyclists are responsible to prevent these types of bicycle accidents from occurring.
How to avoid dooring while riding in the city
A cyclist…

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Steps to take after complex construction accidents

Construction accidents caused by large, complex machinery occasionally happen on worksites of big buildings in the Bronx and Queens in New York City. Scaffolding and smaller machinery can also cause accidents, especially in bad weather. Nevertheless, most construction accidents are caused by negligence, which could make the victims eligible for compensation.
What to do after construction accidents
Anyone involved in construction accidents involving equipment should gather as much information as possible. If you were injured, you simply cannot gather too much information for a personal injury case. However, you also need to protect yourself by getting medical help as soon as possible…

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The purpose of NYC scaffolding laws

Every construction site in New York City is protected by scaffolding laws. OSHA may set standards as to how scaffolds are erected and used, but the city’s laws determine who is liable for accidents when they occur.
What scaffolding laws do
New York City constantly has new construction projects going up. In 2015, over 80 million additional square feet of construction were added to the urban landscape. With these projects come increased risks of construction accidents. The city’s scaffolding laws protect construction workers and suggest ideal practices for safely constructing a building.

The New York Labor Law Section 240 is called the “Scaffolding…

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These four construction accidents are the most fatal

The construction industry in New York is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Construction workers are regularly exposed to many different types of hazards on a daily basis.

There are four construction accidents that happen much more frequently than others and account for over half of construction-related deaths. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has labeled the following accidents the “Fatal Four.”
1. Caught-in/between
Caught-in/between accidents usually involve heavy machinery and equipment. When a worker becomes trapped between two or more objects on a construction site, he or she can suffer severe injuries or death.
2. Electrocution
Electrocution accidents on construction…

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NY construction accidents rise above national average

The number of New York construction accidents has recently risen above the national average. This is cause for concern on many levels. A recent report from the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health shows that deaths at construction sites accounted for 22% of all worker deaths in the city.
NYC construction fatalities continue to rise
Construction accidents in New York City are now a full percent above the national average. This is a number that many experts believe will continue to rise unless effective measures are taken.

The number of construction deaths in the state as a whole had fallen considerably…

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New York proves dangerous to bicyclists

Bicycle riding remains a preferred way to get around New York’s metropolitan areas. While the monetary costs may be less expensive than driving a car, riding a bicycle around New York comes with risks. Data shows that bicyclists suffer more crashes now than in previous years, and driver negligence is often the reason.
Sobering facts about bicycle accidents
2019 saw the tragic consequences of bicycle accidents, as 27 people lost their lives after colliding with vehicles. That number reflects 17 more deaths than what occurred in 2018. Little indicates that New York City is now entirely safe for bicyclists since many dangers…

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Tragic bicycle accident stats

Bicyclists may improve their health and fitness by cycling for leisure or reducing commuting costs. A drawback to bicycling in New York would be the inherent danger. Bicyclists can’t rely on an automobile’s frame for protection, so they remain exceptionally vulnerable if a car or larger vehicle strikes them. Bicyclists might benefit from being extra cautious on their travels, but even defensive bicycling skills have their limits.
Bicyclist dangers and risks
A quick review of bicycle accident figures could shock those who don’t realize cyclists’ dangers. In 2011, 873 died in bicycle/vehicle accidents, which rose to 1,260 in 2020. Nonfatal accident figures…

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New York hopes infrastructure funds make bicyclists safer

Bicycling could be a means for someone to improve cardiovascular conditioning while getting from place to place. Unfortunately, commuting on a bicycle in New York also presents dangers to someone’s health and well-being since there’s such a great risk for accidents. Even when cyclists and drivers do their best to be careful, motor vehicle accidents happen. Officials in New York state hope that coming federal funds will lead to better infrastructure and fewer chances of accidents.
Significant money for bike infrastructure may help
The amount of money the state will receive for bike infrastructure is significant, topping $289 million. The funds derive…

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Trends that endanger pedestrians

Traffic flow and speed limits have always been a concern for city planners as well as motorists. While there’s a lot that has been done to help traffic run as smoothly as possible, it has been at the detriment to pedestrians in Queens and the Bronx and throughout the country. Pedestrian fatalities have jumped significantly in part due things like the flow of the traffic and increased speed limits. Here is more information about why lower speeds can be the key to reducing fatalities and which communities have been impacted the most.
Reasons why lower speeds matter
Accidents will happen despite how…

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Laws for a bike-friendly New York City

New York City can be a challenge to navigate. To alleviate some of the traffic volume and help the environment, the city has been developing the necessary infrastructure to promote bicycling.

Getting people to switch to two wheels is more than adding bike lanes, however. The laws of both the city and state need to reflect the move to pedal power.
Laws for motor vehicles
When cars and bikes share the road, auto accidents are always a possibility. These incidents are often due to drivers who are not keeping an eye open for cyclists. Drivers can receive a ticket for failing to observe a…

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