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Fatal dangers to bicyclists in New York

Riding a bicycle should not come with excessive risks since drivers, pedestrians and bike enthusiasts often practice awareness and safe commuting. Statistics might tell a grimmer reality since fatality figures may be far higher than people realize. Anyone who routinely travels with a bicycle may not wish to close their eyes to these facts. Understanding the dangers associated with New York streets and roads could help everyone reduce risks.
Bicyclist fatalities and issues with U.S. streets
New York City may one day follow Chicago’s lead, as the Windy City committed to 48 miles of bike trails and corridors. Adding bike lanes may…

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Is New York facing a pedestrian accident crisis?

Living in a central metropolitan area comes with several concerns. Among the worries that pedestrians face is the potential for a catastrophic accident. With many cars and motorbikes traveling near people walking or jogging, the chances of an accident could be alarmingly high. Statistics coming from New York support concerns, as the figures reflecting pedestrian deaths are outright frightening.
An increase in pedestrian deaths occurs
Accident statistics from 2021 show that New York City is not the safest place for people going about their business. The city established a “Zero Vision” policy to increase pedestrian safety, but the program has not overcome…

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NYC is cracking down on construction accidents and fatalities

Residents and businesses of New York City and nearby areas of the Bronx and Queens may want to learn more about how NYC is conducting safety sweeps, with zero tolerance of violations at construction sites. This is after a recent string of fatalities of construction workers. These tragic deaths could have been avoided with knowledge and remedy of unsafe conditions.
Fines might be the result
According to Safety+Health, Department of Building (DOB) inspectors will be looking for safety violations, and violators could face fines of up to $25,000. This new policy is the result of two separate accidents in May, where two…

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Fatal bicycle accidents are on the rise

There are many benefits to bicycle riding in New York City. Cycling can be a fun form of exercise and an inexpensive and convenient form of transportation. However, sharing the road with motor vehicles can also be very dangerous for cyclists.
Fatal bicycle accidents are on the rise
If you take a look at the number of bicycle accidents that have occurred in New York City over the past few years, you’ll see that they are declining. At the same time, however, the number of fatal bicycle accidents is going up. Here are the fatal bicycle accident statistics over the past three…

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Distractions can be deadly at construction sites

The construction industry in the state of New York can be dangerous. A total of 1,008 deaths were reported throughout the industry in 2018. Since then, the numbers haven’t changed a great deal. The cause of these deadly accidents can be due to a number of factors. Distractions are the trend to worry about.
Many accidents are due to working while distracted
Construction accidents are all too common in New York. Many of them are caused by workers getting distracted while on the job. There are many types of accidents and deaths that can occur. Workers can be hit by flying or…

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Different injuries based on where you sit in a car accident

Car accidents can be sudden and traumatic experiences. Despite this, there has been some research done on what types of injuries are common with different types of auto accidents. This research done on auto accidents might help keep you safe and aware while driving through the traffic-heavy streets of Queens or the Bronx in New York.
What are the risks if you’re driving?
Ultimately, drivers were more likely to protect themselves during accidents even if subconsciously. Even with that in mind, a recent study said that they still account for about 60.8% of injuries reported in an auto accident.
What are the risks…

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Dangerous streets for cyclists

Although New York City is known for mass transit like the subway system, there’s also plenty of automobile traffic on the streets. And sharing the road can be difficult. Many cyclists are hit by drivers and passengers opening doors. Others are struck by the vehicles as they’re travelling. In 2019, over two dozen bicyclists were killed on New York City streets.
A changing trend
Cyclist fatalities in NYC in 2019 and 2020 were well above the 2018 total. This uptick has happened in spite of an increase in the number of bike lanes throughout the city. Bicycle accidents often happen at the…

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Consider safety when building a walking route

When pedestrians are involved in car accidents, their damages are significantly more severe than vehicle drivers or passengers. Every walking route in New York must be designed with optimal safety in mind.
Proximity to busy roads and highways
The first factor to consider for a walkway is its proximity to busy roads and highways where hundreds of cars pass every day. It’s rarely a good idea to have a sidewalk only inches away from a busy highway that extends for miles until it connects to another busy highway. In some cases, this type of sidewalk is unavoidable, and it’s better than having…

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Collecting evidence after an accident

After a car accident occurs, the primary concern is to ensure that everyone involved in the collision is safe and seeking medical treatment if necessary. Your secondary concern is to ensure that you document evidence of the accident. This will be necessary to support any claims made relating to the collision. Drivers in New York and elsewhere should take certain steps to collect evidence of damages sustained from a vehicle accident.
Accident report
Following auto accidents, it is usually a good idea to call the police. The police can help deal with traffic issues and document what happened in a collision by…

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Common accidents that construction workers experience

The New York construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries out there for employees. In fact, it’s been estimated that 75% of all construction workers who are employed for a period of at least 45 years are likely to experience a serious injury. It’s more important than ever before for construction companies to develop keen safety measures and training programs to decrease this dangerously high risk.
The most common cause of construction worker fatality is falling. When dealing with overhead platforms, elevated workspaces and holes in the floor, construction accidents are imminent. It’s vital that employers provide necessary fall…

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