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How to protect your job and benefits after a work accident?

One of the main concerns for workers after being victims of a work accident is the potential loss of benefits as retaliation from the employer, or worse, the loss of their job. In the face of this fear, what can you do to protect your job? In this article, we will tell you.

Although work accidents can be very common, especially in high-risk sectors such as construction, the reality is that there is always concern from the victim about what will happen after these cases and how to act properly to avoid retaliation.

Have you suffered a work accident and are looking…

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The most common mistakes when hiring an accident lawyer.

When you suffer an accident of any kind in the United States, hiring an accident lawyer is essential not only to understand your rights as a victim, but also to ensure that you receive all the benefits that apply to your case, as established by law.

However, with the large number of law firms and legal firms that can be found in different cities across the country, finding a team that really provides quality legal defense and is focused on achieving the best results can be difficult. 

To help you, in this article we tell you about some common mistakes that people…

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Myths and truths about workers’ compensation

When an employee is injured at work in the United States, one of the most important legal benefits for the injured worker is workers’ compensation. However, there are many myths surrounding this benefit that can generate doubts among workers regarding its coverage and possibility of obtaining it.

In this article, we have compiled for you some of the most popular myths and truths about workers’ compensation, so that you can have a clear picture of this important legal benefit that can change the life of an employee who suffers injuries in the workplace.

Were you a victim of a work accident and…

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New York is dangerous for pedestrians

Things are getting much more dangerous for pedestrians across the entire country, and New York City is no different. In fact, four of the five boroughs in the city are now among the most dangerous places in the country for pedestrians. The underlying factors causing the spike in fatalities show no sign of slowing.
The reasons why New York City is dangerous for pedestrians
New Yorkers are driving bigger cars these days. Automakers are not making as many sedans, and drivers are opting for SUVs and trucks. Unfortunately, pedestrians who are struck by these vehicles have less of a chance of surviving….

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How to calculate car accident compensation?

If you have suffered a car accident, it is important that you know your rights and know how to calculate the compensation you deserve for the damages suffered. After all, traffic accidents can have serious consequences, both for your health and your finances. That’s why at Nonna Shikh Law we are ready to help you claim the benefits you deserve. Here’s how you can calculate your car accident compensation.

In many cases, victims of car accidents in the United States miss out on the opportunity to obtain a large compensation for the damages suffered in the accident, due to their lack of…

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How to prove negligence in construction accident cases?

When it comes to workplace injuries, construction accidents are often the most serious types of accidents due to the constant use of heavy tools and machinery that put workers in this sector at risk. But what happens when these accidents are caused by someone else’s negligence? Is it possible to take legal action to obtain benefits?

In these types of accidents, one of the most important steps to ensure the victim’s benefits is to prove negligence in the construction accident case. This way, it will be much easier to take the appropriate legal actions that allow the victim to receive a…

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The advantages of hiring Spanish-speaking lawyers for your accident case

When you suffer an accident in the United States, one of the main obstacles for victims when it comes to taking legal action and claiming legal benefits is the language barrier. If you do not have a good command of English, it is very difficult to proceed legally in an accident case, because the vast majority of legal processes and documents in this country are issued in this language.

For these types of cases, it is best to have the legal support of Spanish-speaking lawyers who can provide you with assistance in both languages, so you do not have any problems…

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How can I file a dog bite lawsuit?

Although in some cases they may seem like harmless injuries, the reality is that most of the time a dog bite can result in serious injuries for a victim, and even in diseases that can put their life at risk if immediate medical attention is not received.

In the face of this type of injury, the law allows you to act legally to obtain benefits that help you recover each of the expenses that arise from your injuries. But, how can you file a dog bite lawsuit?

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about it, so that…

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Can a lawsuit be filed for repetitive work injuries?

Can a lawsuit be filed for repetitive work injuries?

Have you ever experienced chronic pain in your wrists, elbows, or back after performing the same repetitive work day after day? If so, you may be suffering from a work-related repetitive injury. In such cases, working with labor lawyers is an option that could open the doors to great benefits.

Although workplace injuries are often associated with specific accidents in the workplace, repetitive work injuries are equally common and can be just as serious. While many workers may feel that there is nothing that can be done to remedy these problems, in reality, there is the possibility of filing a lawsuit…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Lawyer for Auto Accidents in NY

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Lawyer for Auto Accidents in NY

When injuries occur in auto accidents in NY, the lack of knowledge of legal processes and the rights that the law grants to victims can lead to losing important benefits that victims may be entitled to. In such situations, do you know how a car accident lawyer can help you?

In general, injuries resulting from car accidents are usually severe and can even endanger the victim’s life if immediate medical attention is not sought. However, this medical attention often means high expenses for the victim.

Fortunately, with the help of a lawyer, you can obtain a substantial compensation that will enable you…

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