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How dangerous is construction work?

Certain professions come with a greater risk of injury than others. Anyone working around hazardous materials or performing tasks at great heights may narrowly dodge an injury time and time again. Construction workers in New York could find themselves dealing with several dangerous conditions at once and for many days or weeks in a row. If construction workers do get injured, they may find themselves filing a workers’ compensation claim or personal injury lawsuit to cover medical and other expenses after an incident.
The dangers of working in construction
Construction work ranks high on the list of the most dangerous jobs to…

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Lane-keeping technology can present risks to bicyclists

In recent years, newer vehicles on the streets of New York and elsewhere in the United States have been outfitted with a variety of high-tech safety features. These include lane-keeping technology. As sometimes is the case with new technology, there can be unintended consequences. For example, there is evidence that in certain instances lane-keeping technology can cause or contribute to bicycle accidents.
The risk to bicyclists of lane-keeping technology
Lane-keeping technology is designed to prevent such things as what commonly is referred to as lane drift. This occurs when a driver may be a bit drowsy or distracted and slowly drifts out…

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Mayor addresses pedestrian safety concerns

Crossing the street in New York City can be extremely dangerous for pedestrians, especially in areas that haven’t been designed with pedestrian safety in mind. Statistically, the most dangerous places for pedestrians are crosswalks where 55% of pedestrian fatalities occur.
New safety initiative
Mayor Eric Adams announced a new pedestrian safety initiative that will replace Vision Zero. Mayor Adams described his plan while meeting with police and transportation commissioners on Jan. 19. The plan will specifically target 1,000 different intersections around the city for pedestrian safety improvements like:

Speed bumps
Protected bike lanes
Increased police enforcement

Scared to cross the street
During his announcement,…

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How can employers keep construction sites safe for workers?

New York has numerous construction sites, especially in the Bronx and Queens areas. Construction accidents occur often due to unsafe, improper conditions. However, there are precautionary measures that employers can take to ensure that their workers stay safe.
How can construction sites be made safer to protect workers?
Employers can keep construction workers safer by instituting certain protocols. These measures can help prevent construction accidents and include:

Proper accommodations. Contractors often arrange for accommodations right on the construction site to save money and time. However, this can lead to an accident and subsequent injuries. It’s important to provide the proper accommodations, so…

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Worst area of the city for pedestrians and cyclists

Have you ever seen a white bike displayed along a New York City sidewalk and wondered what it was? A “ghost bike” is a memorial for a bicyclist who was killed by a motorist while riding. Unfortunately, one borough is notorious for its many ghost bikes.
The Bronx has a problem with pedestrian safety
The Bronx has had a problem with pedestrian and bicycle safety for a while, and hit-and-run accidents make the problem even worse. When a bicyclist or pedestrian is hit, it’s crucial to get a medical response team to the scene as quickly as possible. However, too many car…

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Why won’t drivers yield the right of way?

Auto accidents could result in terrible injuries and even fatalities. Vehicle-pedestrian accidents might present the worst outcomes. The human body, unlike a car, cannot absorb a vehicle’s impact. So, why do some drivers in New York seemingly disregard pedestrian safety? Unfortunately, bad habits and poor judgment might contribute to dangerous driving.
Not giving pedestrians the right of way
“Right of way” refers to achieving precedence when proceeding. In other words, when a pedestrian has the right of way, he or she may go first. A recent study shows that less than 30% of drivers give pedestrians the right of way at a crosswalk….

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Pedestrian safety is becoming a priority in NYC

The New York City metropolitan area is an assembly of vibrant communities even when restrictive movement orders are in place, and city management is taking further steps to improve the safety of those who walk, bike, and use the metropolitan transportation system. As every thing gradually gets back to normal, now is an excellent time to revitalize designated walkways and bike lanes for those who want to avoid motorized individual methods of transportation. Cars are great, but so is the traffic congestion from Times Square out to Queens and the Bronx. Public safety is a priority, and it could get…

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What makes fatigued driving impaired driving?

Research has shown that fatigued driving is just as harmful as drunk driving. In New York, courts have ruled drivers liable for negligence if they drive while drowsy. Other states clearly define fatigued driving as impaired driving, so New York may soon update the law this way as well.
Slower reaction times
Fatigued driving comes with slower reaction times. You only have a few seconds or less to respond appropriately to hazards on the road. The drowsier you are, the more impaired your ability will be to react quickly and effectively to problems on the road.
Lack of coordination
Drowsiness impairs your hand-eye coordination,…

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Your need to know: About construction accidents in NYC

Residents of the Bronx and Queens as well as other areas of New York may want to learn more about the construction accidents that take place in New York City. In the city that never sleeps, construction is king. There is always some construction happening. However, it also is one of the largest causes of accidents in NYC.

According to SpaceCoastDaily, a construction accident happens when a worker is constructing a certain facility, and injury, damage or even death takes place. Some causes might be the following:

Unstable foundations
Heavy machinery
Difficult equipment

In many cases, however, negligence by the worker may…

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How to avoid pedestrian accidents involving older people

An older person may be more likely to have vision, hearing or other impairments that may make it harder to stay safe as a pedestrian. Therefore, it is imperative that you are extra careful if you see an elderly person walking on the sidewalk or making an attempt to cross the street. This is true whether you are driving in a rural town or in the middle of New York City.
What can you do to minimize the risk of an accident?
If you see an elderly pedestrian, assume that this person will have a harder time seeing or hearing you. Therefore,…

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